Having completed a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) with a double major in Biochemistry and Microbiology, she then dabbled in Obesity and Diabetes as an excuse to play with mice and eat; gaining her First Class Honours and some very bright friends.

A self-confessed munchaholic, she has a penchant for food related hobbies like eating, cooking, scouring food places/blogs and attending food fairs. She will rarely make anything twice unless requested, or unless she is too tired to do otherwise. She also dabbles in music with the guitar being her main instrument. Her musical influences change about once a year which builds upon her base fundamentals and believes that given a chance, every genre will produce at least one song which she will not only like but be inspired by. She enjoys down time attending shows/festivals, trying new things, and doing some fictional or non-fictional reading.

picnic ftwKFC by the Harbour major ftwSpare change in AUD pls  :p

Integrating her passions for health science and aid in developing countries, she is doing her Masters of Science in Global Health and Infectious Diseases (University of Edinburgh) with the end goal of improving health in lower socio-economic countries. She believes healthcare is one of the major contributors in breaking the poverty cycle of poorer communities and a necessity to achieve sustainable improvements for both individuals and in turn a country’s economic standing.

Please contact her on chromogenetic[at]gmail[dot]com to discuss potential projects or employment.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.


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